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Team Kneaded, of course. 



What's that cheerful unit with the Battenburg motif? Why, it's Well Kneaded! 


Sourdough pizza, bandying around terms like 'regenerative agriculture' and 'sustainable'... with a charity arm and B Corp status in the pipeline... hmm. 

This is pizza on a mission. On two missions actually. A menu as full of sustainable produce as it can possibly be; a window on British seasonal veg and artisan charcuterie. This is organic flour, Northumberland semolina, in-house freshly-milled heritage grain and an ancient rye sourdough starter. It's fermentation to preserve the seasons. It tastes good! 

Oh, and a Social Enterprise: we exist to offer opportunities to young people who've faced disadvantage or barriers to employment. 


Whenever you need pizza, we're here. Except Mondays. And except before 11am and after about 9:30pm. Timings will change a bit at first and stabilise once we're up and running. 


Come and say hi! Order through Storekit for delivery or click and collect, once we're up and running. 

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