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The Well Kneaded 'Why'


Founder of Well Kneaded, Bridget, writes about her why. Why pizza, a vintage van and a little family of passionate people?  

June 14, 2018

So admittedly we are a bit late to the old card table, as it were, with this one. Simon Cinek’s famous ‘know your why’ TED talk was all the rage last year. Like the slow ferment of our dough, however, we have learnt that rushing things can be detrimental to flavour, and the flavour of something is what makes a mark in our memory.

Flavour isn’t just about the actual taste, it is about the memory that lingers after the last mouthful, the experience that accompanies it and all that goes before it, i.e. the passion of the person who actually makes the food, serves the food, thought up the recipe…

If you needed further clarification, it is the difference between an empty feeling tastebud fling of which the clearest example for me is the McDonalds big mac, and, a tastebud marriage.  To stick with the burger category, I’d site Bleeker as an excellent example of the latter.  Both burgers, but utterly different in lasting ‘flavour’ in my book.

This isn’t to say that McDonalds don’t know their ‘why’, but perhaps knowing your why or being able to communicate your why is more tricky with great scale. This is perhaps a conversation for another post though…

The Meaty Marg

At Well Kneaded the flavour that we hope you taste when you savour that last bit of chorizo on your favourite Meaty Marg is one of possibility and hope and family. Sounds a bit far flung perhaps, but we really want your food experience to be more than the food you eat

So what’s new I hear you ask?

Well, alright, we would even go as far as saying we’d like to see communities changed for good through the culture of business and we want you to taste that culture through our food. (in one sense you won’t be able to help but do that, given the business we are in..)

Still sounds a bit high fluting?

The nuts and bolts of the why at Well Kneaded are, that if we can bring truly different types of people together over some seriously good food, then possibly our hackles- easily raised through fear when threatened by perceived difference in another human- might just be tricked into staying down. Perhaps the more those hackles are tricked, the less they will be raised, and the less in the habit of being raised they will be. Perhaps then we might begin to learn to listen to those that we are different to and our communities might be less homogenous and more interesting. We may be an ever increasingly ‘tolerant’ people on the face of it but let’s be honest, we are being ‘tolerant’ in our own safe – often homogenous- spaces. I speak to myself here.

We haven’t got the blue–print to this and we get it wrong often, and sometimes we are in a rush and our meaty marg isn’t quite what you expected. For that we are sorry. However, just know, that you are an integral part of our why. Our meaty marg is an invitation to the conversation that we are having, an invitation to our family and an introduction (and enabler of) our dream to see young people from the margins, included and championed, and through that, communities changed for good. We want the culture of our hospitality and our sourdough to be really really good.


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