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It's a Friday, so today we have been doing info-craft detail and pork research.

We've been trailing different cuts of pork, notably gammon knuckle, or ham hock, on our new seasonal special the black pudding, ham hock and mushroom pizza that was served up at We Brought Beer in March. As a result of all this we have been looking to make sure we're sourcing meat that has the highest welfare standards. This led to drawing the pig below, which gives basic information about interesting and cuts of pork*: note the cheaper cuts, which always make great food, whether guanciale or Bath Chaps, ham hock or dodgy trotter delicacies. I remember having something along these lines in a Chinese food shop in San Francisco. 

Some of the most interesting meats on our menu round the year include Trealy Farm's hot-smoked pork jowl, Native Breeds' outrageously tasty pancetta, Cobble Lane Cured fennel salami, Moon's Green cobnut and red wine salami, Trealy lemon and lamb salami... the list goes on. We source some extremely tasty options from Cannon and Cannon, Moen's and other suppliers- these find their way onto the menu on special occasions through the year. Bath Pig chorizo currently features with the new ham hock on Meaty Margs, and the seasonal special has chard, cream and Black Hand 'nduja, which is produced in Hackney. 

I couldn't find any pictures of ham hock on a pizza, so here's one with broccoli, behind a person.

Basically, try getting interesting cuts of meat from your local butcher. If you don't have a local butcher, consider becoming one or becoming a vegetarian. Whatever you do, don't buy meat that has bad welfare standards.

It's the weekend! 


*All pork cuts are interesting.


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