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Some notes from some time in late autumn.

Thrills were an ok band I thought- decent first album.

Anyhow, I wanted to mention some nice things from the store cupboard. The heading is because if I stop and think about it im thrilled that we’ve come this far.

We made a sea buckthorn curd tart. It had a splash of Douglas Fir-infused vodka in it which foxed people’s tastebuds. Getting Sea Buckthorn in lately has been ace.

Got a pile of British onions that we’re working our way through, which should see us through the winter.

Froze a bunch of chillies in the summer that will get us quite a long way as well.

Ongoing batches of Spring Olands getting delivered and milled into dough. Casually living a dream that was forming a year ago. It became a reality as the first lockdown started and we’ve emerged with grainy dough, something I was unsure would work but of which im now convinced. I don’t think we’ll go back!

Rye flour in the starter as standard. So nice to gently work our way through sacks of dark rye from Shipton Mill.

About halfway thru the expensive British chickpeas.

Still going on the British garlic.

We began working through the oregano- it took ages and we hardly covered any of it!! :-S

This time last year almost all of the things listed above would have been sourced outside the uk or not on our menu. We’ve been able to control the quality, provenance and integrity of our menu more closely and next year will be even better!


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