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Some sourcing

Have you noticed that the M25 is shaped like a nasturtium leaf? Or perhaps nasturtium leaves remind you of the M25?

This is an abundant time of year to source produce from within the UK. Here’s a list of where all the food comes from.

1. Sutton Community Farm provide the bulk of our veg, including salad, peppers, aubergines, cavolo nero, basil (including the edgy purple basil you may have spotted), chillies, cherry tomatoes, random herbs and nasturtium leaves (there are also some growing in the flowerbed at the back, if you want to have a closer look).

2. Tempus Food are artisan charcutiers. We serve a rotating range of their produce, all of which comes from extra-old pigs and ex-dairy cows. It tastes amazing and is a great version of

3. Crown Prince squashes from Bedlam farms near Cambridge.

4. We currently have 2 different olive oils in the cupboard, both from single family farms in Crete, both single varieties of olive.

5. The tomato sauce is from Puglia, produced by an organic co-op called Alce Nero. Tomato, some wines, EVOO and certain nuts are the few things we haven’t managed to source from UK produce. We’re working on it!

6. Gold Hill Farm in Dorset and Turf Croft in Hampshire are responsible for the Chimichurri. If you head for Dorset and keep going, you probably end up near Argentina, where chimichurri originates as a salsa served with steaks. It’s nice to be able to make a version from UK produce at this time of year.

7. Jude’s ice cream- Hampshire. Lovely people.

8. Shipton Mill. Flour aces. We use their Organic T4, mixed with some grain from…

9. …Duchess Farms. We mill their Spring Ølands wheat downstairs. It’s in the shortbread and in the dough. Their rapeseed oil is also in our salad dressing and pesto. They’re amazing farmers.

10. Bath Pig chorizo is from pigs reared in Yorkshire. Not sure why it’s called Bath Pig tbh.

11. Berkswell, the cheese we use in lieu of Pecorino and Parmesan, is produced in the West Midlands in small batches. It is super.

12. La Latteria make our mozzarella fresh in North London two times a week. It’s the real deal.


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