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recent successes

I think of the pursuit of a successful vegan mayo as being similar to a) my backgammon win rate against Bridget and b) the string of results that might cause concern for a team in the Premier League around New Year, languishing around the bottom of the table and knowing that we need points on the board. Which is to say, I have wasted a lot of oil in failed attempts at emulsifying it with legume protein.

As recently as last week the experiment with cooked squash innards was a failure (though I'm sure that they could be used).

All that changed with the recent, totally successful batch of vegan mayo. It seems that once you've got your aquafaba (from a hummus-bound batch of chickpeas, in our case) you need to reduce it down until it has a jelly-ish quality. This seems to make it ready.

The rest was quite simple- whizzed the aquafaba and added Duchess rapeseed oil and some basil stalk infused EVOO, plus some other bits like mustard powder and cider vin. The aim would be to begin making mayo every week from aquafaba. Need to find a by-product or second pressing type oil for the job, perhaps. This is surely the future!

Another cool thing is the marsh samphire and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms in from a foraging company. Is it a bit sad to pay others to do your foraging?

Planning to try some KFC appropriations with the mushrooms.


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