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Cheese 1st XI Update

Updated: Apr 10

April 20, 2017

The last published cheese First XI was drawn up prior to our wedding by food friend Peter H-Booth, with a diagram of the basic cheese production processes. Both diagram and team sheet were above the cheese table, where the strong combo of Berkswell & Membrillo (sounds like a late ‘90s Garage duo), Binham Blue, Montgomery Cheddar and a Vacherin were consumed succinctly by our guests around the time of the first dance.

 On reflection, this would be my suggested new Cheese First XI:


11 Ricotta

                      10 Gorgonzola Dolce

9 That French one with herbs on it     7 Comte 24 months           8 Berkswell

                                                           6 Caerphilly

  4 Tunworth             2 Mull Cheddar                3 Stichelton             5 Parmesan    

                                              1 Pecorino Sardo

On the bench: Wigmore, Halloumi, Laughing Cow, Coolea, Langres    

N.B. Puns around Gorgon-Gianfranco-Zola Dolce or parallels between Caerphilly and Ryan Giggs have been deliberately excluded from the process of this. 


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