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What we can do

We have carried out a specific risk assessment within the pizzeria to assess all the risks posed to you and our team with regards to COVID19.

What you see us doing and putting in place within the pizzeria including signs on the window, what we are wearing and what we are asking of you, are all actions taken as a direct result of this risk assessment and put in place to reduce risk of infection and to keep you, and our team, safe.  Here are some things you can try to spot on your visit..!


  • Perspex barriers between the pizza kitchen and the bar and on the front of house desk.

  •  Santisier on tables and at entrance.

  • Front of house team wearing masks where 2m distances cannot be maintained

  • Using less tables

  • Only using larger downstairs toilet where there are less surfaces to reduce risk of spreading infection.

  • Increased sanitising of surfaces, including cutlery holders, door handles and menus.

  • Team with ungloved hands (Ah ha! Got you there- gloved hands actually give a false    sense of hand cleanliness

  • Increased washing of hands


What you can do

Before you arrive

Stay at home if you are not feeling 100% healthy. 

Book a table wherever possible

During your time with us

Wait outside the pizzeria until you are greeted and shown to your table

 Be flexible about where you are seated- we can't guarantee your table position

Sanitise your hands as soon as possible. When a moment arises, head to the upstairs sink to wash your hands.

Be ready to give your name and telephone number when asked

When using the toilet, wash your hands upstairs with soap for 20 seconds, then please only use downstairs toilet. 


Please wash your hands thoroughly upon leaving the toilet, and leave the toilet door open using the door stop to increase air flow.


Be patient with us- this is 100% new to every single team member and we need your help!

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